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Outreach & Teaching

Outreach is a vital part of being a scientist. The ability to communicate your research to a wider audience is key to making science relevant and approachable. I take part in a variety of outreach programs across Exeter and beyond, here I introduce some of the events I have been involved with. If you are interested in running an astronomy or astrophysics event in your community, please feel free to contact me.

Pint of Science

The international, three-day Pint of Science festival sees thousands of scientists simultaneously bringing their research out of the lab to share with the public in almost 400 cities across 24 countries. Founded seven years ago by two UK researchers, the festival brings a unique lineup of talks, demonstrations and live experiments to the nation’s favourite locals. 

I joined the Exeter Pint of Science team during my first year as a PhD student in Exeter as the treasurer/coordinator where I was responsible for grant applications in addition to general running of the festival. In 2019 I took a more central role in the city organisation as a city coordinator. We again ran 4 themes titled: Atoms to Galaxies, Pur Bodies, Planet Earth and Beautiful Minds. However, using larger venues we were able to accommodate over 550 people. Following this success we designed an even larger festival the following year with 5 events, including a technology-related event. The 2020 event was held at a national level in an online format, I was again coordinating for the city of Exeter.

Star Gazing Events

I have regularly run evenings in conjunction with city boroughs in local parks. As astronomers we run star gazing tours for the public, talking them through the major constellations, the planets and other deep space objects. We often combine these astronomical events, such as meteor showers to provide some true spectacle for the evening. Our team of astronomers can guide you through the night sky as well as introduce you to their own reseach in space science.

Outreach Workshops


We have a wide variety of fun outreach activites and kit to introduce people of all ages to astronomy. From model exoplanets to telescopes and solarscopes. We even have several sets of virtual reality glasses, which allow you to walk on the surface of several real-life exoplanets. We regularly run events for people of all ages from schools to stands at fairs/conferences

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